Q: What is a VSD?

A: The Vertical Situation Display (VSD) allows you to view your flight path and respective fixes on a vertical three dimensional (3D) geometric plane; while also being able to view icing and turbulence weather overlays at all flight levels.

Q: How do I access the VSD?

A: When viewing an optimized route during flight planning, or when Go Fly mode has been activated for a flight, tap the VSD button in the lower right corner of the map to turn on the VSD.

Q: What layers are available for viewing on the VSD?

A: You may view Icing and/or turbulence weather forecasts as overlays on the VSD.

Q: Does the VSD display real-time weather?

A: No. The VSD displays Icing and/or turbulence weather forecasts, which are provided in 1.5 hour blocks of time. When your device has internet connectivity, the forecasts are updated when a weather overlay is turned on.

Q: How do I know if I am viewing the latest VSD weather forecasts?

A: Tap on the legends icon in the lower right corner of the map to view a forecast validity date and time range for any weather overlays that are turned on.