GoDirect Datalink

Real-Time, Reliable Communications.

GoDirect Datalink provides pilots with seamless, worldwide, two-way communication between an aircraft and the ground. The GoDirect Datalink services include free text messaging, oceanic and predeparture clearances, weather information, custom short codes, and controller pilot data link communication. The service helps pilots stay connected to air traffic control wherever they are, while also making life easier for operators and maintenance teams.

Key Benefits

  • 24/7/365 access to qualified aviation and dispatch staff via phone, email, text, datalink message or fax
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Seamless, worldwide datalink communication over any network
  • Tailored plans to meet a variety of operational needs

GoDirect™ Flight offers the widest selection of airborne datalink communications to aircraft worldwide thanks to our 24/7/365 staff of aviation experts. Services are always available via telephone, internet, smartphone, or aircraft flight management system.

Compatible with Third Party Flight Plans

GoDirect Datalink lets customers uplink third party flight plans. Here is the list of vendors we’ve integrated with: Skyplan, Air Support, FlightPlan.com, Jeppesen, Navtech, GDFS, Universal, UAS, RocketRoute and ForeFlight.

New Datalink Option Offers Big Benefits in Affordable Package

Now GoDirect offers a new, low-cost regional datalink plan, called Datalink Lite. This new package includes basic communication services and is designed for business and general aviation operators who fly less frequently. With Datalink Lite you still get the benefit of reducing pre-flight pilot workload by uploading flight plans directly into the aircraft’s FMS.

GoDirect Datalink Now Includes Future Air Navigation System (FANS) Testing

GoDirect Flight offers FANS test station available for remote customer access from anywhere in the world. FANS testing from GoDirect is conducted via VHF or Satellite data link. FANS Testing allows you to be in the cockpit of your aircraft exchanging real time CPDLC and ADS-C messages while in contact with our subject matter expert. We are also able to provide standard FANS testing logs which can be customized upon request.

This service is free to GoDirect Flight Datalink customers. To get started with testing schedule a FANS test or see our step-by-step process HERE.

Comparison Chart

  Worldwide Datalink  Datalink Lite 



 Very High Frequency (VHF)


 Satellite Communication

 Inmarsat and Iridium  No

 Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP)

 Yes    Yes  
 Flight Plan Uplink  Yes   Yes 
 Pre-Departure Clearance  Yes   Yes 
 Digital- Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS)  Yes   No
 North Atlantic Tracks  Yes   No
 Pacific Tracks  Yes   No
 Hawaiian Tracks  Yes   No 
 Oceanic Clearance Delivery  Yes   No 
 Aircraft messaging and routing of multiple types  Yes   No 
 Flight Tracking via website  Yes   No 
 Text Weather  Yes   Yes 
 Engine Trend Data, Maintenance Data  Yes   No 
 Forward datalink position report to approved 3rd party flight tracking tools  Yes   No 
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