Airport WX Overlay常见问题解答

Q: What is the Airport WX overlay?

A: This overlay allows you to view the observed graphical airport METAR information on the map for all global airports.

Q: How do I access the Airport WX overlays?

A: When flight planning, or when Go Fly mode has been activated for a flight: 1. Tap the overlays button in the lower left corner of the map; 2. Tap the weather button; 3. Tap the airport WX checkbox to turn on the overlay.

Q: Can weather Observations and Forecasts be viewed at the same time?

A: No, tapping a weather product in either the observations or forecasts category will automatically turn on the respective toggle switch; allowing you to view either observed weather phenomena or forecasted weather phenomena. You may never view both at the same time, so as to avoid confusion regarding when a weather phenomenon has occurred. However, multiple weather products may be turned on and viewed within each category.