Q: What is eAPIS?

A: Electronic Advance Passenger Information System, eAPIS, is a requirement for pilots and crew of private aircraft flying into or out of the United States to declare flight information, passengers, and cargo more than 60 minutes before departure.

Q: When do you need it?

A: As stated above, private aircraft APIS regulations apply only to private aircraft flights arriving in the U.S. from a foreign port or place, or departing the U.S. for a foreign port or place. Under 19 CFR 122.144, though, aircraft departing from the U.S. Virgin Islands and arriving in the U.S. are governed by the provisions of Title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 122 that apply to aircraft arriving in the U.S. from a foreign area. The pilot of any private aircraft arriving in the United States from the U.S. Virgin Islands, is also required to provide a notice of arrival (19 CFR 122.31 and 19 CFR 122.23) through the submission of an APIS manifest. Additionally, private aircraft APIS regulations do not apply to overflights of foreign airspace, provided the private aircraft departs and arrives in the U.S. and does not land at a foreign port (or overflights of U.S. airspace that do not include a U.S. arrival or departure). Please ensure that you visit the United States CBP page for the most up-to-date information.

Q: What details are required? Information?

A: Please ensure that you have the following information to complete the eAPIS submission: i. Departure airport [1. ICAO identifier; 2. Airport name, state, and city; 3. Date and time (local) of departure] ii. Destination airport [1. ICAO identifier; 2. Airport name, state, and city; 3. Date and time (local) of arrival]     iii. Emergency contact information     iv. Aircraft information [1. Tail number; 2. Aircraft type; 3. Color & Markings]         v. Aircraft Operator and Owner information [1. Name; 2. Address; 3. Phone & Email]     vi. Crew and passenger information [1. Name; 2. Date and country of birth; 3. Country of residence; 4. Country of Citizenship; 5. Permanent address; 6. Address while in the United States]

Q: Do I still need to arrange customs / landing rights at destination?

A: Yes, you will need to arrange customs and landing rights at your destination. Filing the eAPIS form does not automatically arrange customs and/or landing rights at your destination. Please always ensure that you have the necessary clearances and coordination before departing. For more information please contact our GoDirect International Trip Support Operations Team.

Q: Does that App tell me when I need to fill-out a eAPIS form?

A: Absolutely – our app will intelligently alert you if your flight plan requires eAPIS.

Q: When do I know that my eAPIS approved? Any alerts?

A: The app will update the status of your eAPIS submission – shown in the flight schedule and trip kit pages.

Q: Where do I fill-out & complete the eAPIS form on the app?

A: There are two places to complete and file the eAPIS form. The first is conveniently found by tapping the “More…” button on the flight plan tile from the Flight Schedule page and then “Create eAPIS Manifest”. The other is found through the flight’s Trip Kit, which will provide an alert that the eAPIS form is required and allow you to fill out and submit the eAPIS information.

Q: Can I edit / update an existing manifest?

A: Yes - found by tapping the “More…” button on the flight and then “Update eAPIS Manifest”. You can also update the eAPIS filing from the Trip Kit page, through Flight Plan Docs, then select eAPIS Manifest, and then Edit Manifest. Please check the Customs and Border Protection APIS webpage for up-to-date information on the rules for modifying an eAPIS filing.

Q: What are the status indicators for each step of the eAPIS process in the app?

A: eAPIS Required (color red), eAPIS Pending (color grey), eAPIS Confirmed (color green) all shown on the Flight Schedule page flight tiles, and in the flight’s Trip Kit.

Q: If I cancel my trip do I need to delete my eAPIS submission?

A: There is no current way to cancel an eAPIS submission. If you need to cancel the flight, please check the CBP page for up-to-date information on the rules for cancelling a flight that you’ve filed an eAPIS.

Q: Is the same information in app shown on the website?

A: While the verbiage may be a little different, the same eAPIS filing and modifying can be done on both the website and the app.

Q: Can I start a eAPIS form offline? Submit at a later time?

A: For v1.5, an internet connection is required to start the eAPIS form.