Q: What is Weight and Balance Real Time Curtailment?

A: Customized W&B calculations based on specific aircraft configuration ensuring operation within CG envelope providing peace of mind for inflight passenger and crew movements. Reference AC 120-527F.

Q: How do I subscribe?

A: Contact your Honeywell GoDirect Sales representative.

Q: How long does it take to set up and receive Substantiation report?

A: Two week lead time once paperwork has been submitted to APG.

Q: Who would use Real Time Curtailment?

A: RTC is optional for all operators. FAA and EASA required for 14 CFR part 91K, 121, and 135 operations.

Q: Is RTC available on Web?

A: YNo, APG Real Time Curtailment is currently only available on Flight Bag Pro application.

Q: Is Wi-Fi needed to access APG Real Time Curtailment?

A: No, Real Time Curtailment is available offline. RTC profile is loaded to the W&B aircraft on the device and available for direct calculations.