GoDirect Flight Bag Pro和Jeppesen常见问题解答

GoDirect Flight Bag Pro和Jeppesen常见问题解答

Q: What does this new GoDirect Flight Bag Pro update with Jeppesen charts mean for me?

A: We’re incredibly excited to launch GoDirect Flight Bag Pro v1.4. By updating your app to v1.4, you can sign in to your Jeppesen account to view airport and terminal procedure plates directly in GoDirect Flight Bag Pro—including adding Jeppesen plates to your Trip Kit!

Q: How do I sign in to my Jeppesen account to access my subscription in GoDirect Flight Bag Pro?

A: Sign in to your Jeppesen account through the personal profile screen by clicking on Jeppesen Account option in the side menu and entering your Jeppesen credentials. After agreeing to the Jeppesen End-User License Agreement (EULA), you can select the desired coverage areas to install for your subscription, giving you access to Jeppesen plates in Flight Bag Pro.

Q: How do I download my Jeppesen plates?

A: After signing in to your Jeppesen account and installing a coverage area, download the necessary database for the current cycle by navigating to the downloads screen and tapping the download icon next to the coverage area under the “Jeppesen plates and documents” section.

Q: Where can I view my Jeppesen plates?

A: After installing your coverage area and downloading the database for the current cycle, you can access Jeppesen plates from the airports, flight planning, trip kits, and En Route (go fly) screens. You will be able to view airport diagrams, departure (SIDs), arrival (STARs), and instrument approach plates from the coverage area(s) allowed by your subscription.

Q: Where can I view the Jeppesen chart update schedule?

A: To view the update schedule, visit the navdata update and effectivity schedule page on the Jeppesen website.

Q: Where can I view Jeppesen notices and alerts?

A: To view notices and alerts, visit the notices and alerts page on the Jeppesen website. You can also access this webpage from within Flight Bag Pro by navigating to personal profile screen, tapping the Jeppesen account option in the side menu, then tapping the “view notices and alerts” button.

Q: Is the cost of my subscription to GoDirect Flight Services going to increase?

A: Absolutely not. Through our long-term partnership with Jeppesen, we provide the ability for you to access and view Jeppesen plates with an active Jeppesen subscription free of charge to Honeywell GoDirect Flight Services subscribers.

Q: Will the terminal charts be geo-referenced in GoDirect Flight Bag Pro?

A: Geo-referenced will be available in a future release of Flight Bag Pro in late 2018.

Q: Can I get a free trial to view Jeppesen plates?

A: Free trials for Jeppesen subscriptions are not available at this time.

Q: Why are Jeppesen plates missing in my Trip Kit, even though I included them when creating the Trip Kit?

A: If your Jeppesen plates are suddenly missing from your trip kit, please verify your Jeppesen subscription is still active and your coverages are installed and downloaded to your iPad device.

Q: Why can’t I send a Jeppesen plate to my phone via email or by using Messages?

A: Per the Jeppesen license agreement, you are only able to print Jeppesen plates or view them from within GoDirect Flight Bag Pro.

Q: Can I annotate directly on Jeppesen plates I’ve added to my Trip Kit?

A: Yes! You can draw, markup, or highlight on any Jeppesen plates that have been added to your trip kit.