General FAQ

General Questions

What is Scheduling Integration?

Many operators use flight scheduling software to track their flights, crew training and currency, aircraft logs, and quote charters. These systems vary greatly in capability and focus. Business Aviation operators are looking for these systems to be integrated with their other service providers such as Flight Planning.

What does it mean when my accounts are integrated?

Integrating accounts between a scheduling provider and GoDirect enables the two companies to pass relevant data to the other system. This pass of data will enable new features within both systems which will provide you with far more capabilities and a better experience. The goal of the integration is to improve your operation and provide efficiencies in how you work. For questions, please contact your sales rep or our accounts team at FSSAccounts@Honeywell.com

What does it mean when you share my aircraft position data?

GoDirect will share your aircraft location data only when you have signed the addendum approving us to pass this data to PFM. We do not share this data to anyone, for any reason, without consent. The data shared does not include personal identification data and is only used to enable you, the customer, with a better integrated experience for flight tracking.

Is my Data protected?

Honeywell GoDirect takes data privacy very seriously. We do not share any personal data for any reason without the consent of our customers. For more questions, please review our privacy policies online at https://www.honeywell.com/privacy-statement or contact our Customer Support team.

I don’t see my scheduling provider on your list of integrations. Is GoDirect Flight Services planning to integrate with other providers?

Yes, we are planning to integrate with additional providers, but we are being careful about who we work with. GoDirect Flight Services is committed to providing best-in-class end-to-end integrated services to our customers. As a part of that commitment, we are evaluating opportunities for additional providers and plan to introduce more in the coming months. If you have urgent needs or want to give an opinion, please contact your sales representative or GoDirect Customer Support for additional information.

How can I purchase more subscriptions for GoDirect Premium Flight Planning?

If you do not hold GoDirect Flight Planning subscription, please contacts GoDirect sales team at https://aerospace.honeywell.com/en/service-listing/flight-services

How do I provide feedback for the integration?

You can provide feedback by contacting GoDirect Customer Support at FlightServices@Honeywell.com