On Demand ETE Calculation FAQs

On-Demand ETE (Estimated Time Enroute) Calculation FAQs

What is On-demand ETE Computation Web Service? How does it work with PFM?

Honeywell Go Direct Flight Services is committed to providing best-in-class end-to-end integrated services to our customers. As a part of that commitment, we are excited to announce GoDirect Flight Services has revived partnership with PFM (Professional Flight Management) that you have come to rely upon for your day-to-day operations. We have enabled a mechanism for you to compute reliable Estimated-Time-Enroute (ETE)(computed for optimized route) using Go Direct Flight Services’ Flight Planning Engine from within PFM’s Scheduling interface.

How much does on-demand ETE Computation service cost?

If you are an active GoDirect Flight Panning & active PFM subscriber, this feature is free of charge. The corresponding aircraft tail number needs to be configured in both GoDirect Flight Services as well as PFM systems.

How do I turn on on-demand ETE computations service for PFM?

If you are already an active GoDirect Flight Planning subscriber, you can contact our Account Management Representatives, reachable at FSSAccounts@Honeywell.com to turn on this service for you. You also need to configure a valid Honeywell ID in your PFM account. You could either write to support@pfmsys.com or self-configure in your PFM system.

How can I purchase more subscriptions for GoDirect Premium Flight Planning?

If you do not hold GoDirect Flight Planning subscription for your aircraft, please contacts GoDirect sales team at https://aerospace.honeywell.com/en/service-listing/flight-services

How do I deactivate on-demand ETE Computation service for PFM?

Please contact our GoDirect Customer Support team who will help you turn off the feature. Email: FSSAccounts@Honeywell.com U.S. Toll-Free: (888) 634-3330 International: +1 (602) 365-7020

When will on-demand ETE Computation service for PFM be available?

The service will be available from May 2018. Contact our accounts team at FlightServices@Honeywell.com or your sales representative to turn the feature on.

Do you have any training materials available for this integration?

Yes, Training material is available from your sales representative and our accounts team at FSSAccounts@Honeywell.com. You can also look at the training material at the bottom of this page.

What should I do if I am not able to access Datalink reports in PFM?

Please contact our GoDirect Customer Support team and we will help walk you through the set-up of the two systems.